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6 Reminders for the step mom


  1. Pray for yourself, your marriage, your biokids, your stepchildren and their mother. With God's power and love involved, you can build a stepfamily that defies the statistical norms.

  2. Don't assume you know what your stepkid's mother thinks of you, or what she is telling her children about you. Kids aren't always accurate recorders or reporters.

  3. Let go of proving you know what is best for another woman's biological children. Keep your end goal in mind—you're building a loving home, not a courthouse.

  4. Forgive your kids' stepmother when she treats her own children in a way you dislike. No mother is perfect.

  5. Don't say anything critical about your stepkids' mother when there is even a remote chance of the kids overhearing. It isn't worth it. You would emotionally wound the child with that criticalness.

  6. Don't try to be the best stepmom in the world. You'll have good days and bad days. We all do.

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